1. Visiting fellow in the research cluster The Agile Mind: Towards an Empirical Account of Creativity in Multimodal Discourse. Leader: Prof. Dr. Kurt Feyaerts, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
2. Swiss Virtual Campus-project: eHistLing (Jan 06–Dec 07)

Status: researcher

(Project leader: Prof. Dr. I. Piller, project coordinator: Dr. G. Schiltz)

funding: sFr.150’000, Swiss Virtual Campus

3. NFP-Project: Language, Tourism, and Identity (Oct 05 – Mar 09)

Status: associate researcher

(Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Piller, Prof. Dr. A. Duchêne)

4. HyperHamlet (Oct 06 – Dec 09)

Status: research advisor

(Project leaders: Prof. Dr. B. Engler, Prof. Dr. A. Häcki Buhofer, project coordinator: Dr. R. Hohl Trillini)

5. eHistLing– an e-learning course in English Historical Linguistics (Jan 04 – Dec 04)

Status: researcher