• Mark Staff Brandl (Uni Zürich): ‘Metaphor(m) – Engaging a Theory of Central Trope in Art, submitted to Faculty of Arts, University of Zurich, Feb 2011 (second supervisor)

in progress:

  • Alesia Rochat (Uni Lausanne): Intertextuality as a text-constituting mechanism of facebook posts in publicist functional style (political discourse)
  • Steffen Siebenhüner (Uni Basel): L1-acquisition of the German adjective inflection from a usage-based perspective (second supervisor)
  • Vincent Vandersluis (Uni Lausanne): Linguistic Responsibility

MA Theses (at UNIL)


  • Sandra Bugris: Politeness Strategies in Requests in a Swiss Based American Company (Jan 10)
  • Estelle Mariéthoz: Sign Language in the Education of the Deaf – Case Study: The Valais (Apr 10)
  • Ivana Trpkovic Stankovic : Speech Acts in the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 (Sep 10)
  • Tania Grasso : Strategies of Translating Film Titles (Dec 10)
  • Livie Kundert : “pourquoi? why?” An Interactional Sociolinguistic Comparison Between Code-Switching in and Outside Foreign Language Classrooms (Dec 10)
  • Annika Lequet : The Representation of African American Language from Within – A Sociolinguistic Approach to African American Hip-Hop Lyrics (June 11)
  • Ana Ansorge : The Role of Context in the Process of Inferring Meaning (Dec 11)
  • Anne-Catherine Juilland: The Influence of the TV Series Eastenders on Attitudes Towards Cockney (Dec 11)
  • Laura Scalzi: The Discursive Defense of a Self-Image – the Case of Silvio Berlusconi (Dec 11)
  • Lena Laake: Multimodal Signalling in Storytelling (May 12)
  • Veronika Zoller: The Discursive Representation of the Oil Spill Crisis in British and American Newspapers (Jul 12)
  • Virginie Felchin: The Phraseological View of Language – To What Extent do English Teaching Materials Used in Switzerland Reflect Phraseological Competence ( Jan 13)
  • Ursina Schmitz: Attitudes Towards Afrikaans by English and Coloured South Africans (May 13)

in progress :

  • Georgia Destro: Emotional Display in Boardgame Playing