Lectures taught

  • IELL – Introduction to English Language and Linguistics
  • Language and Emotion
  • Discourse and Cognitive Science
  • Language and Conflict
  • Social Meaning at Work

Seminars taught

  • Verbal Humour
  • Survey of English Phraseology
  • Methodology in Linguistic Research
  • Cognitive Semantics
  • Using Language – A Socio-Cognitive Approach to Discourse
  • Discourse Analysis: Theories and Methods
  • Linguistic Creativity in Social Interaction
  • Language in the Workplace
  • Relevance Theory
  • eHistLing: Introduction to the History of English (e-learning course)
  • Discourse and Cognition
  • Language and the Mind
  • Business Communication
  • Cognitive Pragmatics
  • Historical Pragmatics

Übungen/Tutorials taught

  • Berufe für Studierende der Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (Job prospects course in cooperation with Career Service Center, Uni Basel)
  • Construction Grammar
  • Figurativity in Thought and Language – A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Metaphor and Metonymy
  • Aspects of Linguistic Relativity
  • Words in the Mind
  • Idioms: Psycholinguistic Perspectives