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Other relevant publications

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Forthcoming and submitted publications, publications under contract

Books / edited books

  • Maurer, Christian (under contract, publication 2018): Self–Love, Egoism and the Selfish Hypothesis in Eighteenth-Century British Moral Philosophy. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (Book)
  • Hutcheson, Francis: A System of Moral Philosophy, ed. by K. Haakonssen and C. Maurer. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund (Edited book)

Book chapters

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Projects in Preparation

  • Maurer, Christian (in preparation): L’amour–passion indéfinissable? Essais sur la philosophie de l’amour. (Book)
  • Maurer, Christian (in preparation): ‘Benevolence or Self–Love? Hutcheson and Campbell on Sociability.’ In: Realms of Natural Sociability in Early Modern Philosophy, 1584–1776. Ed. Juhana Lemetti and Mikko Tolonen. (Book chapter)