How open is #openaccess? A few comments

Major actors of open access publishing have taken an excellent initiative, namely establishing a grid detailing how open different publishers are.

They took into account different aspects of open access, and also asks for comments. So here are my suggestions of additional criteria to take into account for publication openess:

  • Are the peer reviews publicly available next to the article, anonymously or not?
  • Is it possible to freely comment on the publisher’s website, next to the article (as in PLOS and BMC)?
  • Does the publisher have a systematic policy of embargo towards the press, conference presentations, etc?
  • When relevant, must authors provide Open Source source code? (for PLOS Computational Biology you have to, but not for OUP Bioinformatics.)
  • When relevant, must authors deposit raw data in independent reliable databanks à la GenBank?

Did I miss anything? Will they really take into account such annoying suggestions? Time will tell.

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