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I’m running a soft skills course for the PhD schools of Ecology and Evolution and of Genomics (StarOmics): Blogging and using Twitter for scientific communication. In the course of the class, I have asked the students to create a blog if they don’t have one, and write a post. It can be very specialized or very general, towards scientists, the educated public or school kids, and can be in any language (in practice, we got English and French, despite some participants expressing interest to blog in Portuguese or Spanish).

Here are their posts:

Overall, a large diversity of tones and targeted public, from scientific colleagues to the general public, from very technical to quite activist. All of them have managed to provide a nice combination of personnal tone and scientific content, in these various ways.

I look forward to seeing these blogs bloom and develop; hopefully at least some will continue after the course!

Link to my slides on figshare.

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