Welcome to my website

I have created this page primarily to make things I have written and published available to anyone possibly interested. Depending on my production, I’ll add to what’s here. I’ll also include links to other websites I think people might find interesting.

What’s here now is, first of all, my curriculum (people say it has to be offered. Well, here it is), with some links to institutions I have been involved in.

Then, you will find some papers I have published in the last several years, but also chapters in books, research reports, out of print books and conference papers. Feel free to download these and give them to whoever needs them.

Then there is some news about my research, past or ongoing, and more generally of what I have been up to and will be up to in the reasonably near future.

Another section lists a few websites that deal with things I find interesting or important, professionally speaking, and would like to recommend to anyone who gets this far.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy the photographs. That little gallery “represents” what I am the most interested in : the arts of resistance, social movements and the politics of collective violence.

Nota: Since I do not update that website as regularly and often I should do, you may go to: http://unil.academia.edu/OlivierFillieule if you want to have access to the most recent publications.

You can always drop me a line via e-mail at Olivier.Fillieule(@)unil.ch