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Before publication on the AUMC site, here are the infos concerning the new access to the piano rooms at the UNIL (Internef et unithèque) You can only make a reservation for one room, for a one hour per day, for obvious resons. I can explain them to you if you want. 🙂

REMINDER: Before using the rooms, you must register here and pay 30.– CHF as yearly fee. If you are in a rush, you can send a proof of your payment to aumc (at), otherwise you’ll have to wait we receive it from the Poste. (1-2 weeks). AS LONG AS WE DON’T HAVE THIS PROOF, YOU CANNOT MAKE RESERVATIONS.

Another reminder : You can use the rooms ONLY from Monday till Friday from 8 am till 6 pm. We are looking for a solution so that there will be a posibility to extend the hours/days.

For the EPFL people, the procedure has changed. You must go to the « Centre Midi » in order to make a reservation, like for the EPFL piano rooms, someone there will make a reservation for you and give you a card to have access to the room. YOU MUST VALIDATE THE RIGHTS OF YOUR CARD BEFORE USING THE ROOM ! (See below)

THe ladies of the SASME don’t take care of the rooms anymore, so don’t go there is something is not working.

Proceeding for the people with a UNIL card

If you have registered at the AUMC and have paid the 30.– , you are part of a UNIL group that allow you to make reservations. If you want just to use the room for instrments, you are part of the same group, but you MUST book only the room at the Internef.

To book a room go on this SITE , and you can book for one hour max. Reservations can be made only 24 hours in advance.

Les 3 rooms are at the end of the list:

If you made a mistake, or for some reason you cannot go to play, please go back on the site and cancel your booking. It’s on the « my reservations » (mes réservations) tab on top of the page, just click on the red cross to cancel.

You MUST validate your right to open the room BEFORE going to the room. and AFTER having booked. There are many terminals that allow you to do it, they are different from the terminals to validate your card as unil user. The validation is only for the booking you made. You have to do it every time. Here are the different places where you can find these terminals :

  • Unithèque – banane : At the right of the main sliding door, outside of the building. Good for the reservations at the unithèque.
  • Anthropôle : 3 terminals, one at each entrance (Level 2) and one in the middle near the post office.
  • Internef : 2 terminals, one near the exit direction Anthropôle, level 2, and one at the cafeteria, near the passage to the restrooms, close to the postal level 1.

One validate, you can open the door at the scheduled time.


Questions ? Send me an email

And send me the errors I must have made on this page. 🙂