Conference Participations

Participations in International Conferences:

“Honouring and Ethically Sharing Indigenous Voices as Non-Indigenous Educators: International Perspectives and Experiences.” Interactive Roundtable with Jasmine H. Wade, Dr. Sophie McCall, Dr. Ashley Caranto Morford, Dr. Joanne Leow, Dr. Melanie Braith, Dr. Otoniya Juliane Okot Biket, Dr. Laura M. Devos, and Cécile Heim. Indigenous Conversations across Waters, Lands, Generations, and Imaginations: Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Annual Meeting. Online. 14-21 June 2021.

“Invoking Deer Woman: The Feminist Politics of Storytelling in Franci Washburn’s Elsie’s Business. In the Wake of Red Power Movements: New Perspectives on Indigenous Intellectual Traditions. Online. 14-15 May 2021.

Heim, Cécile, and Moritz Ingwersen, panelists. “Indigenous Justice: The Windigo in Literary Reclaimings of Land and Citizenship” (panel). 20/20 Vision: Citizenship, Space, Renewal, Biennial EAAS (European Association of American Studies) conference. Online. 30 April – 2 May 2021.

“Windigo (and the) Law: Negotiating Citizenship in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House.” 20/20 Vision: Citizenship, Space, Renewal, Biennial EAAS (European Association of American Studies) conference. Online. 30 April – 2 May 2021.

“The Unsustainability of Private Property: Resisting American Oil Culture in Linda Hogan’s Mean Spirit.Narratives of (Un)sustainability: Assessing U.S. Oil Culture: An Interdisciplinary Conference. Lausanne, Switzerland. 27-28 September 2019.

“The Cultural Work of Violence: How Rhymes for Young Ghouls Teaches Resistance to Violence through Decolonization.” Violent Times, Rising Protest: Biennial Meeting of the Swiss Association of Gender Studies. Bern, Switzerland. 12-13 September 2019.

“Some Truths about Social Welfare and the Racial Politics of Literary Criticism in Eden Robinson’s ‘Contact Sports.'” Indigenous Literary Arts of Truth and Redress: 4th Annual Meeting of the Indigenous Literary Studies Association. Vancouver, Canada. 3-5 June 2019.

“[Non]Domestic [In]Dependent Nations: Unsettling the U.S. Settler State in Linda Hogan’s Mean Spirit.” Brexit and Beyond: Nation and Identity: Biennial Meeting of the Swiss Association of University Teachers in English. Basel, Switzerland. 3-4 May 2019

“(Re)mapping Justice: Capital, Law, and Land in Linda Hogan’s Mean Spirit.” We Are Still Here: Native American Literature Symposium. Prior Lake, MN, USA. 7-9 March 2019.

“Creating Belonging: Reading Law through Genre in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House.” The Genres of Genre: A Conference on Form, Format, and Cultural Formations: Biennial Conference of the Swiss Association of North American Studies. Lausanne, Switzerland. 2-3 November 2018.

“Decolonizing Justice: Re-imagining the Notion of Justice Within and Without Legal Terms.” Critical Insurrections: Decolonizing Difficulties, Activist Imaginaries, and Collective Possibilities: 4th Annual Conference of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association. Vancouver, BC. 21-24 June 2018 CESA, June 2018.

“Resisting Systemic Violence: The Child and the Land in Monkey Beach and The Round House.” 10th Annual Meeting: Native American and Indigenous Studies Association. Los Angeles, CA. 17-19 May 2018.

“The Mean Streets of Canada: Dismantling Roads in Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters and Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story.” Canada Across Borders: Comparative Perspectives: 14th Graduate Emerging Scholars’ Conference. Konstanz, Germany. 7 – 9 July 2017.

“At the Crossroads of Genre Subversion and Cultural Appropriation: Comparing Stephen Graham Jones’s All the Beautiful Sinners and Tony Hillerman’s Skinwalkers.” A Long Time Ago on a Reservation Far, Far Away”: Contemporary Indigenous Popular Culture across the Globe. Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. 1-3 June 2017.

“Figures of the Law: Comparing Feminism and Race in Sara Paretsky and Dana Stabenow.” Criminal America: Reading, Studying and Teaching American Crime Fiction: An American Literature Association Symposium. Chicago, IL. 3-4 March 2017.

“The Law of Irony: Violent Negotiations of Identity and History in Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer.” 2016 SANAS Biennial Conference: Swiss Association for North American Studies. Bern, Switzerland. 4-5.November 2016.

“At the Margins of Justice: Renegotiating Right and Space in Marie Clements’s The Unnatural and Accidental Women.” In-Between: Liminal Spaces in Canadian Literature and Culture: International Conference in Cooperation with the Center for Inter-American Studies. Graz, Austria. 2-4 June 2016.

“Technology Building Bridges: The (Trans-)Cultural Role of Tools in Mardi Oakley Medawar’s Murder at Medicine Lodge.” 46th Annual Conference of NeMLA: Northeastern Modern Language Association. Toronto, ON. 30 April – 3 May 2015.

“Stephen Graham Jones’s Use of Doubles in All the Beautiful Sinners.” 45th National Annual Conference: Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association. New Orleans, LA. 1-4 April 2015.

“The Horror of Borders: Transgressing Genre in Stephen Graham Jones’s It Came from Del Rio.” 36th Annual Conference: Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association Southwest. Albuquerque, NM. 11-14 February 2015.

“Sleuthing Narratives: The Interplay of Temporalities in Arthur Conan Doyle’ s The Hound of the Baskervilles and Sherlock’s “The Hounds of Baskerville.” Re-conceptualizing Narratives: The Graduate Symposium at Rice University. Houston, TX. 5-6 September 2014.