At the moment, I am taking a little break from organizing events in order to better focus on my research. I’ll be sure to post it here, though, if something new is on its way!

Past Events:

The Cultural Work of Violence
22 – 23 March 2019

We will be joined by Prof. Mishuana Goeman (UCLA) and Prof. David Schmid (SUNY at Buffalo) for this two-day CUSO symposium in Lausanne to discuss the topic of violence in and through culture.


1 December 2018

This year the CUSO PhD Day is co-organized by Patrizia Zanella (University of Fribourg) and myself and will take place in Lausanne. While the morning’s focus will be on web presence for and beyond academia, the afternoon will be dedicated to discussing supervision. Dr. Mary Flannery will be our keynote speaker to help us discuss these topics.


Biennial SANAS Conference, Unil
2-3 November 2018
“The Genres of Genre: A Conference on Form, Formats, and Cultural Formations”
This conference of around 40 presenters, funded by the SAGW (Swiss Academy of the Humanities and Social Sciences), the University of Lausanne, and the Canadian Embassy and co-organized with Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik-Monnet, Dr. Boris Vejdovsky, and Dr. Benjamin Pickford, will take place at the University of Lausanne.


Screening of Rhymes
1 November 2018

This public event, sponsored by the Canadian Embassy to Switzerland, features a screening of Jeff Barnaby’s (Mi’kmaq) Rhymes for Young Ghouls and a roundtable with Dr. Jennifer Thorburn. We will convene at the Zinéma (Rue Maupas 4) in Lausanne at 7:30pm.


Emerging Scholars’ Forum Annual Conference, UniBe
29 June – 1 July 2018
“Witnessing Resurgence: Self-Determination and Allyship”
This conference of around 30 participants and attendants took place at the University of Bern and the Cerny Inuit Art Gallery in Bern.