Irish Studies Symposium 2014


October 17, 2014. Room 5081, Anthropole Building, Opening 1.15 PM

The building is right next to the métro stop UNIL-Dorigny (see the map here)


1.15 Prof. Damian McManus, Trinity College, Dublin (plenary speaker)

Niall Frossach as peace-loving hero/king; dynastic and clerical propaganda in medieval Ireland

2.15 Sarah Künzler (née Erni), MA, University of Zuerich

An Unmanly Hero? A Study of Cú Chulainn’s Beardless Face in Táin Bo Cuailnge 


3.30 Prof. (em.) Doris Edel, Utrecht University

Donn Cúailnge revisited or what the Táin is about

4.00 Dr. Shane Walshe, University of Zuerich

The Wearing of the Green: A Multimodal Analysis of Irish Superheroes in American Comics.