BA Courses:

S 2018: Survey of Anglo-American Literature
A 2017: Narratives of Catastrophe: D. Defoe, M. Shelley, C. Achebe
S 2017: Survey of Anglo-Americal Literature
S 2017: Introduction to Literary Analysis, Shakespeare, Othello; Octavia Butler Dawn
A 2016: Introduction to Literary Analysis: Poetry
S 2015: Introduction to Literary Analysis: Shakespeare, Othello, Oroonoko
S 2015: Fictions of Home and Theory
A 2014: Introduction into Literary Analysis: Poetry
A 2014: Victorian Poetry (Explication de texte)
S 2014: Introduction into Literary Analysis: Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby
S 2014: Gothic Persecution and the French Revolution (Explication de texte)
A 2013: Introduction into Literary Analysis: Poetry
A 2013:The Pursuit of Love in Poetry (Explication de texte)

MA Courses:

A 1017: Byron, Shelley and their Romanticism
S 2017: Two Lakes-Romanticism: Lake District and Léman
A 2016: Jane Austen and the Romantics
S 2015: Visions of the Orient from Shakespeare to Shelley
F 2014: The Rise of the Domestic Novel (University of Neuchâtel)
S 2014: Travelling to Foreign Lands, 1688-1810
S 2011: Utopias of the Enlightenment
A 2010: Jane Austen: Gender, Humor and the Novel