My teaching includes the following courses:

Jane Austen and George Eliot
The Life of Olaudah Equiano
in the Abolitionist Context
Fabulous Orient: Addison, Montague, Byron, Collins
Introduction to Literary Analysis: Poetry
Introduction to Literary Analysis: Othello & Bluest Eye
Survey of Anglo-American Literature (Lecture)
Narratives of Catastrophe: D. Defoe, M. Shelley, C. Achebe (3rd year)
Introduction to Literary Analysis, Shakespeare, Othello; Octavia Butler Dawn
Fabulous Orient: F. Sheridan, Johnson, Beckford, Collins
Introduction to Literary Analysis: Shakespeare, Othello, Oroonoko
Fictions of Home and Theory
From  Romantic to Victorian Poetry (Explication de texte)
Introduction into Literary Analysis: Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby
Gothic Persecution and the French Revolution (Explication de texte)
The Pursuit of Love in Poetry (Explication de texte)

 MA Courses:

Postcolonial Relations
Writing the Transatlantic Slavey in the Eighteenth Century
Two-Lakes Romanticism: Lake District and Léman (co-taught with Lancaster University)
Romanticism, Environment and Location
Byron, Shelley and their Romanticis
Jane Austen and the Romantics
Visions of the Orient from Shakespeare to Shelley
The Rise of the Domestic Novel (University of Neuchâtel)
Travelling to Foreign Lands, 1688-1810
Utopias of the Enlightenment
Jane Austen: Gender, Humor and the Novel