Online intervention for difficulties with interpersonal loss

Online interventions have been firmly shown to be as efficient as face-to-face psychotherapy to treat several mental disorders (see for ex. Carlbring et al., 2018). However, empirically validated online interventions are still very scarce in French, and to our knowledge, no such intervention exists to support people struggling with grief and separation. The present project aims to develop and test such an self-help online intervention, based on an existing German program developed at the University of Bern (LIVIA). It will include the following innovations aimed at fostering adherence and efficiency:

  • Guidance on demand
  • A focus on personal resources and hope induction
  • Freedom to chose the order of the modules
  • Interactive content and design of the website
  • Automated e-mail support

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The present project is part of the IP212 of the NCCR LIVES and has been granted a 4-year funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation


Prof. Valentino Pomini
Liliane Efinger, PhD student
Maya Kheyar, PhD student
Laurent Berthoud, Senior Postdoc researcher
Robin Wicki, student-assistant
Sébastien Chappuis, student-assistant


Prof. Jeannette Brodbeck, University of Bern
Prof. Thomas Berger, University of Bern
Prof. Hansjörg Znoj, University of Bern
Tanja Bellier-Teichmann, PhD, Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source
Franz Caspar, University of Bern

Involved Master students


Emmanuelle Freymond and Sarah Baur


Carolina Bodmer, Laure Bongard, Adrien Bornet, Dominique Flück, Mathieu Frossard, Elena Gervasoni, Patricia Giobbi, Nathanaël Joye, Aaricia Perrig, Priscilla Schatzer, Mélissa Roy, Alissa Bertini-Morini, Mihaela Moga, et Sabina Nölli.