Download data

Survey on displaced industrial workers (Plant closure survey in Switzerland)

Dataset in Stata and SPSS (contains individual-level information on earnings, employment status, life satisfaction, occupation, commuting, age, nationality, gender, etc.). This dataset and its documentation can be downloaded from the Swiss data archive FORS here.

Used in Oesch, D. and Baumann, I. (2015), “Smooth transition or permanent exit? Evidence on job prospects of displaced industrial workers”, Socio-Economic Review 13(1): 101-123

Dataset on unemployment of in 21 OECD countries, 1991-2006

Dataset in Excel (contains country-level information on unemployment, minimum wage, bargaining coverage, union density, wage inequality, benefits, net migration, interest rates)

Used in Oesch, D. (2010), “What explains high unemployment among low-skilled workers? Evidence from 21 OECD countries”, European Journal of Industrial Relations 16, 1: 39-55.

Dataset on flows in and out of union membership in Switzerland

Dataset in Excel (contains information on entries into and exits from union membership in 70 union locals over 2006-8, with variables for sector, employment, unemployment, etc.)

Used in Oesch, D. (2012), “Recruitment, retention and exit from union membership. An analysis of member flows in Swiss union locals”, British Journal of Industrial Relations 50 (2): 287–307