Research Interests

Stancetaking in Talk-in-Interaction: Epistemics

At a linguistic level: deixis & subjectivity; epistemic and evidential modals, reported speech and polyphonic markers.

At an interactional level: epistemic stance, epistemic status, and epistemic territories.

At a semiotic level: embodied stance, multimodality in stancetaking.

Stancetaking in Talk-in-Interaction: Argumentation

At a linguistic level: discourse markers and textual cohesion, argumentative indicators, argumentation structures and schemes.

At an interactional level: turn-taking and turn-construction in argumentative interaction, speech acts & argumentation structure in polylogues, argumentation in decision-making processes.

At a semiotic level: gestures in argumentation (e.g. metaphoric grasping gestures), gaze direction in the organization of disagreements.

Grammar – Interaction – Multimodality

Units and levels of granularity for the analysis of talk-in-interaction

Sequentiality and simultaneity of semiotic resources in talk-in-interaction

Sequential and multimodal emergence of grammatical structures in talk-in-interaction

Deixis and Indexicality talk-in-interaction from a multimodal point of view

French epistemic markers in multimodal talk-in-interaction

Corpus Linguistics & Digital Humanities

Software for the transcription, alignment, and annotation of video-recorded data

Theoretical and methodological issues in the constitution of corpora for the study of talk-interaction and multimodality

Pedagogical challenges and solutions for the study of talk-in-interaction and multimodality

Computational semi-automatic analysis of transcriptions of talk-in-interaction

Computational Linguistics applied to Game Studies