Courses Taught

University of Lausanne

  • Lecturer: Introduction to Literary Analysis
  • Lecturer: Explication de textes: American Lyric Poetry
  • Co-Lecturer: Anglo-American Literary Survey
  • Lecturer: Literature and Revolution
  • Co-Lecturer: Critical Approaches (Graduate Course)
  • Lecturer: Alienation and Freedom
  • Lecturer: Reading Race and Sex in American Literature (Graduate Course)

Emerson College

  • Affiliated Faculty, LI120: Introduction to Literary Studies
  • Affiliated Faculty, LI201: Literary Foundations
  • Affiliated Faculty, LI202: U.S./American Literatures
  • Affiliated Faculty, LI204: Resistance and Revolution
  • Affiliated Faculty, LI204: Democracy and American Literature
  • Co-Instructor, LI210: American Women Writers, with Shannon Derby
  • Affiliated Faculty, LI304: Genres of Contemporary American Literature (Online)
  • Affiliated Faculty, LI323: The American Short Story
  • Affiliated Faculty, IN126: Literature of Extreme Situations
  • Co-Instructor, HS101 and HS102: Perspectives on Literature and Culture of the Americas, with Thomas McNeely
  • Co-Instructor, HS103: Honors Writing Symposium, with Thomas McNeely

Tufts University

  • Graduate Instructor, ENGL0001: Expository Writing
  • Graduate Instructor, ENGL0002: Differences
  • Teaching Assistant, ENG63 American Literature 1900-1950, with Ronna Johnson
  • Teaching Assistant, ENG81 Postmodernism and Film, with Lee Edelman
  • Visiting Lecturer, EXP0001: Resistance and Revolution: The Historical Movements that Led to #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #NoDAPL, Experimental College

Boston College

  • Teaching Fellow, ENGL100: First-Year Writing Seminar