Selected Work in Progress

1. The Effects of Female Education on Child Education: A Prospective Analysis. Revised and Resubmitted. Working paper available here:

2. The Effect of Parental Separation on Educational Achievement: An Instrumental Variable Analysis (with Juho Härkönen). Revised and Resubmitted.

3. Parental Ages and the Intergenerational Transmission of Education: Evidence from the United States, Germany, and Norway (with Øyvind N. Wiborg). Revise and Resubmit.

4. The Pattern of Educational Inequality: The Contribution of Family Background on Levels of Education over Time and across Four Countries (with Outi Sirniö, Hannu Lehti, Kieron Barclay, and Jani Erola). Under Review. Working paper available here:

5. Does Schooling Affect Socioeconomic Inequalities in Educational Attainment? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Germany. Under Review. Working paper available here:

6. The Impact of Sibling Relationships on Education over the Life Course: A Genetically Sensitive Design (with Mirko Ruks and Martin Diewald). Under Review.

7. Were the Disadvantaged Children Left Behind? The Medium-Term Impact of School Closures on Socioeconomic Inequalities in Well-Being in School in Switzerland (with Florence Lebert and Oliver Lipps). Under Review.

8. No Evidence for Causal Effects of Maternal and Paternal Ages at First Birth on Children’s Test Scores at Age 10 (with Felix C. Tropf, Fartein A. Torvik, Ole A. Andreassen, and Torkild H. Lyngstad). Under Review.