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Selected Newspaper articles and interviews

Die Schweiz müsste weniger tugendhaft sein, NZZ, 12.3.2020

Interview on the Vollgeld initiative, Swissinfo, 24.4.2018, français, deutsch, italiano

Interview on Monnaie Pleine, Agéfi, 28.6.2017

Interview on the Czech Republic and the euro, Tyden 27.6.2017 (in Czech)

Monnaie pleine: une initiative trop complexe et pas mûre, Le Temps 25.10.2016

“The National Bank faced with twin pressures” in the Swiss Review, 17.2016 (in 5 languages)

«La Suisse doit choisir entre l’indépendance totale et l’euro» _ L’Hebdo, 22.01.2015

BNS: la grande désillusion – Le Temps 20.1.2015

Le taux plancher rééllement menacé, Agéfi, 8.1.2015

Le franc suisse et la trinité démoniaque 24 heures-juin 2010

Radio and TV Interviews

Swiss TV and radio (Radio Télévion Suisse)


Panel on International Perspectives on Macroprudential Policy” at the Third ESRB annual conference, 28.9.2018

The Exchange Rate as a Monetary Policy Instrument, 31.5.2017 (keynote lecture at CERGE and sponsored by the Swiss Embassy)

Swiss Finance Institute Interview: Swiss monetary policy and the Zero Lower Bound

European Research Council project: Liquidity and Risk in Macroeconomic Models (en français)

Monetary Policy and Currency Markets in a Volatile World