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The group of Joël Wagner contributes to the research and teaching activities of the Department of Actuarial Science and HEC Lausanne in the field of risk management and insurance. A broad range of topics from both theoretical and practical viewpoints are in the scope of research.

The main focus is on risk management, insurance economics and actuarial science, covering selected topics in life, health, pension and non-life insurance as well as issues in insurance management and innovation. In particular, the group aims at contributing to bridge the gap between academia and industry practice, and at promoting insurance research insights in the French-speaking area of Switzerland and beyond.

university of lausanne extranef
Swiss National Science Foundation Sinergia project
Grant CHF 2.8 mio. for “Development of Personalized Health in Switzerland: Social Sciences Perpectives
Co-applicant J. Wagner
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics publishes “Long-Term Care Models and Dependence Probability Tables by Acuity Level: New Empirical Evidence from Switzerland” by M. Fuino and J. Wagner
International Congress of Actuaries 2018
Best Paper Award for M. Fuino and J. Wagner
Global Center of Insurance Excellence designation
Master in Actuarial Science at University of Lausanne
RTS La Première interview with J. Wagner “Assurances: derrière chaque prime se cache un actuaire

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