PhD Theses

Supervised and PhD Theses (with successful defense)

  1. Essays on Population Aging and New Technologies in the Workplace: Current Risks, Consequences, and Perceptions
    PhD thesis of A. Ugarte, August 2019 — November 2023, University of Lausanne
  2. Selected Essays on Health Decisions and Personalized Medicine
    PhD thesis of V. Kalouguina, August 2018 — December 2022, University of Lausanne (co-supervision with C. Courbage)
  3. Public-Private Interactions and Intergenerational Phenomena in Long-Term Care Financing
    PhD thesis of G. Montoliu Montes, August 2016 — November 2020, University of Lausanne (co-supervision with C. Courbage)
  4. Four Essays on the German insurance market
    PhD thesis of L. Maichel-Guggemoos, August 2014 — January 2020, University of Lausanne
  5. On Customer Relationship Management and Pricing using Machine Learning Techniques in Non-Life Insurance
    PhD thesis of Y. Staudt, May 2015 — August 2019, University of Lausanne
  6. Essays on Long-Term Care and Insurance Management
    PhD thesis of I. Rudnytskyi, August 2015 — July 2019, University of Lausanne
  7. Four Essays on Life Insurance, Personalized Medicine and Insurtech
    PhD thesis of C. Mirza, August 2014 — July 2019, University of Lausanne
  8. Actuarial and Econometric Studies on Long-Term Care in Switzerland
    PhD thesis of M. Fuino, October 2015 — February 2019, University of Lausanne
  9. Essays on Funding Mechanisms, Asset Allocation and Calibration of Annuities in Swiss Pension Funds
    PhD thesis of Ph. Müller, August 2014 — July 2018, University of Lausanne

Ongoing PhD Theses

  • PhD thesis of L. Aburto, since August 2022
  • PhD thesis of A. Beringhs, since August 2023 (co-supervision with G. Wanzenried)
  • PhD thesis of S. Botteron, since August 2023 (co-supervision with C. Courbage)
  • PhD thesis of Y. Huggenberger, since February 2021 (co-supervision with G. Wanzenried)
  • PhD thesis of R. Iten, since August 2020 (co-supervision with A. Zeier Röschmann)
  • PhD thesis of A. Shemendyuk, since August 2019

Participation in PhD Committees

  • PhD thesis of D. Finger, … 2024, University of Lausanne (supervisors H. Albrecher and P.-O. Goffard)
  • Contribution à l’étude de la prévention en assurance santé
    PhD thesis of R. Gauchon, May 2020, University of Lyon (supervisors S. Loisel and J.-L. Rullière)
  • Optimal Design of Private and Occupational Retirement Plans
    PhD thesis of M. Rach, March 2020, University of Ulm (supervisors A. Chen and H.-J. Zwiesler)
  • Analyses Prospectives de Mortalité : Approches Actuarielle et Biomédicale 
    PhD thesis of E. Debonneuil, June 2018, University of Lyon (supervisors F. Planchet and S. Loisel)
  • Exploring the Value of Data-Rich Multichannel Environments for Analytical CRM in the Insurance Sector
    PhD thesis of S. Mau, March 2018, ETH Zurich (supervisor E. Fleisch)
  • Asset Liability Management and Joint Mortality Modelling in Old-Age Insurance 
    PhD thesis of Y. Toukourou, June 2016, University of Lausanne (supervisor F. Dufresne)