The following list is an ongoing inventory of websites, databases and online repositories that I use for my research and teaching.

Histoire de la télévision et des médias en Suisse:

International television & media history:

  • The Media History Digital Library is an incredibly rich ressource featuring books and magazines from the histories of film, broadcasting, and recorded sound.
  • documents the history of radio and television in thousands of publications.
  • Internet Archive is a non-profit library with millions of books, movies, documents, among others.
  • The New York Public Library Digital Collection makes accessible prints, photographs, video… New material is added on an ongoing basis.
  • The Hagley Digital Archives provides online access to the Hagley Library’s collection of images, documents, and publications related to the history of business, technology, and society. It includes in particular numerous items from the David Sarnoff Library.
  • EUSCREEN is a European project and audiovisual platform that provides access to audiovisual heritage from 31 organisations from 22 European countries.
  • Gallica est la bibliothèque numérique de la Bibliothèque nationale de France et réunit plus de 6 millions de documents, dont de nombreuses sources pour les historiennes et historiens des médias.
  • la plateforme de l’Institut national de l’audiovisuel français est une ressource précieuse pour l’histoire de la télévision française
  • U.S. National Archives: non-official NARA platforme, extremly rich archive with public domain data.
  • Deutsche Fotothek mit über 2mio Bildern