Working Papers

“Public Private Partnerships and Renegotiation: New Insights from Local Public Finance”, with J. Le Gallo and J.C. Thiebaud.

“For-profit Entry in Public Service Provisions: Towards More or Less Regulation”, with P. Wicht.

“Ethnic Distance and Ebola Virus Disease Spread in Sierra Leone : A Spatial and Dynamic Analysis”, with M. Macina.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Demand for Vaccination in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Vertical Legacy of the Slave Trade (with M. Macina), Social Science & Medicine 293, 114640, 2022.

Media coverage : Featured on the National Affairs Blog, on DeFacto. “Confiance et demande de vaccination : que nous enseigne l’histoire ?”, 2021/11/01 (1) 3, IDHEAP POLICY BRIEF

District heating networks, legal norms, and market structure: What role for public authorities? (with Pascal Wicht), Revue d’Economie Industrielle 166 (2), 39-63, 2019.

Are Public Private Partnerships that Rigid? And Why? Evidence from Price Provisions in French Toll Road Concession Contracts (with Stéphane Saussier), Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 111, 174-186, 2018.

Effects of Uncertainty and Opportunistic Renegotiations on Bidding Behaviour: Evidence from Toll Road Concessions (with Antonio Nunez), in: The Economics of Infrastructure Provisioning: The Changing Role of the State. CESifo Seminar Series, MIT Press, Cambridge, 285-314, 2015.

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Un Partenariat Public Privé Rigide ou Flexible ? Théorie et Application aux Concessions Routières à Péage (with Stéphane Saussier). Revue Economique 58 (3), 565-576, 2007.

Book Chapters

Gouvernance (with M. Pasquier), in Soguel N. et al. (eds), Modèle IDHEAP d’administration publique en Suisse, EPFL Press, 2023.

Fonctions essentielles de l’Etat (with N. Soguel), in Soguel N. et al. (eds), Modèle IDHEAP d’administration publique en Suisse, EPFL Press, 2023.

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