Working Papers

Lang, M., Gogishvili, D., & Müller, M. (2024). What Makes Mega-Events Profitable? Determinants of Revenues and Costs of the Olympic Games and the Football World CupWorking Paper.

Quansah, T. & Lang, M. (2024). Do Controversial Companies Pay Higher Sponsorship Fees? Evidence From Betting-Industry Sponsors in Association Football. Working Paper

Müller, S., Henriques Pereira, M. , Dietl, H. M. & Lang, M. (2024). Performance under pressure and its impact on compensation. Working Paper

Quansah, T. & Lang, M. (2024). Exulting in their pain: Violence and vicarious pain as motivational factors for spectatorship – Evidence from mixed martial arts. Working Paper

Mustafi, Z., & Lang, M. (2024). Regulation and Management of European Sports Leagues–The Case of Swiss Professional FootballWorking Paper

Mustafi, Z., Bayle, E., & Lang, M. (2024). The Economic and Regulatory Differences Between Professional Football and Ice Hockey in SwitzerlandWorking Paper.

Henriques Pereira, M. & Lang, M. (2024). Accuracy (not always) pays off: The effects of inaccurate player talent valuation in team sports leagues. Working Paper

Moulard, J., Lang, M., & Andreff, W. (2023). Public Subsidies and Good Governance in Professional Football: The Case of France’s New Stadiums. Working Paper.

Henriques Pereira, M., Dietl, H. M., Lang, M., & Orlowski, J. (2023). New brooms sweep clean, old brooms know the corners: The effects of managerial replacement on employee performance. Working Paper

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Most recent publications:

Quansah, T. K., Buraimo, B., & Lang, M. (2024). Determining the price of football: an analysis of matchday ticket prices in the English Premier LeagueEuropean Sport Management Quarterly, 24(3), 764-784.

Quansah, T. K., Lang, M., & Frick, B. (2024). Racial bias in the stands? Investigating customer-based discrimination in European soccer. Applied Economics, 1-15.

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Zhu, X., Lang, M., & Dietl, H. M. (2023). Content quality assurance on media platforms with user-generated contentJournal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research18(3), 1660-1686.

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Bayle, E., Lang, M., & Moret, O. (2020). How professional sports clubs exploit a heterogeneous local potential: the case of Swiss professional ice hockeySport in Society23(3), 433-451.

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