2021-2025: Welcome Trust grant ‘ALIVE: Improving Adolescent mentaL health by reducing the Impact of poverty, Co-PI, £ 4,798,246

2021-2024: ESRC/Colciencias Newton project ‘Improving mental health and human capital: developing a mental health intervention for ‘Youth in Action’ programme in post-conflict areas in Colombia’, (Co-PI with Ricardo Araya), £332,771

2019-2024: UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Centre grant for ‘Centre for Society & Mental Health’(Co-PI, £7 Million, KCL, PI Craig Morgan and Nikolas Rose).

2019-2022: UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) grant ‘Poverty reduction, mental health and the chances of young people: understanding mechanisms through analyses from 6 low- and middle-income countries’(Co-PI, £150,000 for KCL, £1.2 Million in total, PI Sarah Evans-Lacko at the LSE)

2019-2022: UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC-ORA) grant, ‘How are varying care systems associated with inequalities in informal care, health and wellbeing in later life?’(Co-PI £600,000 for KCL, £1.1 Million in total)


015-2019: European Commission, Horizon 2020, Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing: Lifecourse biological pathways underlying social differences in healthy ageing. Co-PI, work package leader (€358,044), PI Paolo Vineis (total €5,999,757),

2016-2020: European Commission, Horizon 2020, Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing: Promoting Mental Wellbeing in the Ageing Urban Population: Determinants, Policies and Interventions in European Cities. Co-PI & Co-lead (€567,524), PI Frank Van Lenthe (total €5,743,160)

2016-2019: European Joint Programme Initiative, ESRC: Impact of interventions and policies on prolonging working life in good health: an international study (Co-PI, total €639,254)

2016-2020: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR): ASSET: Health System Strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa. Co-PI €8.8 Million in total €275,000 as co-PI), PI Martin Prince.

2011-2016: European Research Council (ERC) Starting Independent Researcher Grant: Economic Cycles, Employment and Health: Disentangling Causal Pathways in a Cross-National Study (PI) (€1,273,280)

2012-2018: National Institute on Aging (NIA), RO1 (PI: Lisa Berkman): Social protection, work and family strain: Cumulative disadvantage effects in the US and Europe (Co-PI) (US$ 1.5 million)

2013-2018: ESRC Dementia Initiative: comprehensive approach to modelling outcome and cost impacts of interventions for dementia (Co-investigator, PI: Martin Knapp) (£3,000,000)

2013-2014: McArthur Foundation, Research Network on Ageing: Socioeconomic status, intergenerational support and mental health: Understanding the role of policy in the United States and 17 European countries (PI) (US$ 65,000)

2013-2014: LSE research seed grant: Economic shocks, health insurance coverage and mortality in low- and middle-income countries: The case of Latin America (PI) (£17,694)

2012- 2013: LSE research seed grant: Effects of economic downturns on mental health and the role of public policies in mitigating this impact: a preliminary study (PI) (£24,200)

2011-2014: Netherlands Scientific Organization, VIDI grant, January: Economic Cycles and Health (PI) (€800,000)

David Bell Fellowship, Harvard University, September 2008: two-year fellowship at the Harvard Center for Population and Development studies

2007-2010: Netherlands Scientific Organization, VENI award: international comparisons of socioeconomic difference in health across the life-course (PI) (€200,000)

2007-2011: Erasmus University Fellowship: The biological pathways of socioeconomic differences in health across the life-course (PI) (€200,000)

National Institute on Aging (NIA), United States, 2010-2015, 60 months, Co-PI (Funding ID R01AG037398): From Understanding to Reducing Health Disparities: A Model-Based Evaluation (PI: Titus Galama, University of Southern California).

European commission –seventh framework programme grant, 2008-2011: The potential for reduction of health inequalities in Europe: an application of the Global Burden of Disease methodology (co-investigator) (€700,000)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Harvard University, 2007-2008: Socioeconomic disparities in health across borders: A comparison of Europe and the United States (PI) (US$ 10,000)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Harvard Center for Population and Development studies, 2009-2010:Unemployment insurance policies and the effects of life-course income, wealth, and employment status on late life health: disentangling causal effects (PI) (US$ 10,000)European commission -sixth framework programme grant, 2006-2009: Health promotion through obesity prevention in Europe (co-investigator) (€1 million)