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This is my personal web page from my time as a researcher in the Computational Biology Group affiliated with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics from 2008 until 2022. I worked mainly in computational biology and biological data analysis, using tools from statistics, machine learning, computational modeling and computer vision. My main scientific interest lies in understanding principles of self-organization, that is how global order and structure can emerge from local interactions.

I have also taught computer science and maths at the high school and university levels for a number of years and recently took a position at the University of Teacher Education in Lausanne. Previously, I did some consulting and data analysis for the private sector (and for this novel).

Before going into biology and pedagogy, I did a PhD in cognitive robotics in the Learning Algorithms and Systems Lab at EPFL where I also obtained a master in computer science. I also have a master in cognitive science from the Université Paris VI and have been a visiting scholar at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley and at Tel Aviv University.

You can reach me at micha.hersch at