Prospective Students

Here are some of the topics that are currently open.

Master’s Thesis Topics / Semester Project Topics

  • Graph Neural Networks for Recommender Systems
  • Educational Recommender Systems
  • Automating review collections from OCR scanned documents (e.g., wine reviews)
  • Neural Networks for Predicting the IQ from Text
  • Neural Networks for Predicting the IQ from Audio

If you are interested to do a project, MSc theses or PhD thesis with me, please send me an email with the following content:

  • A recent CV and your GPA (grade point average)
  • Your github page clearly showcasing your machine-learning and data-science skills
  • A 2 min motivational video as a youtube link (optional but strongly encouraged)

Please understand that I cannot reply to all requests, but if they have the above components I most certainly will.