I have supervised the following theses:

Master’s Theses

  1. Agon Husejni (2023). The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on air pollution in Switzerland A region-by-region comparative analysis
  2. Reza Jabbir (2023). Création d’un logiciel d’aide à la décision dans le croisement de résultats statistiques pour la caractérisation de données géoréférencées à variables multiples.
  3. Alexis Erne (2022). Predicting Intelligence from Video: A Deep Learning Approach
  4. Loïc Rouiller Monay (2022). Used Boats Price Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques
  5. Frederic Spycher (2022). Learning-Based Approaches to Improve Bibliographic Record Linkage
  6. Inessa Khaneeva (2022). Designing A Dashboard With A User-Centered Approach To Improve Compliance Of Document Management Systems
  7. Pau Gallardo Campos (2021). Replicating Portfolios: a machine learning approach to replicate AXA’s liabilities under Solvency II
  8. Marija Krsteska (2021). Outlier detection in business data and application in the Data Quality framework at Philip Morris International
  9. Samuel Lew (2021) Analysis of process logs using data mining techniques: detecting device failure in a Swiss MedTech start-up
  10. Alejandro Caballero (2020). Data Standards for Master Data

PhD Theses

  • Ahmad Ajalloeian (2023). Advanced in Interpretable Machine Learning: Applications, Analytics, Robustness
  • Marcus Basalla (2023). Opportunities and Challenges of Data Analytics in IS Research (co-supervisor, University of Liechtenstein)
  • Joshua Handali (2022). Human and Artificial Intelligence Systems – Transfer of Knowledge (co-supervisor, University of Liechtenstein)
  • Martin Fadler (2021). Transforming Into A Data-Driven Enterprise: Essays On Managing Big Data & Analytics (Jury de PhD thèse)
  • Clément Labadie (2021). Essays On Data Democratization & Protection In The Data-Driven Enterprise (Jury de PhD thèse)
  • Vaibhav Kulkarni (2019). Modeling, Predicting and Capturing Human Mobility.
  • Kirell Benzi (2016), EPFL, Signal Processing Group. Network Science: from recommender systems to spatio-temporal dynamics
  • Razen Al-Harbi (2016), KAUST, InfoCloud Group. Accelerating SPARQL Queries and Analytics on RDF Data
  • Francesco Fusco (2012), ETH Zurich. Dissertation No. 20474. High-Speed Indexing and Archival of Network Measurement Data