Poetry Post-1945
Bird Poetry from Chaucer to the present
Wordsworth and the Idea of Nature
The Poetry and Letters of John Keats
Human/Nature: Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, Kathleen Jamie
Sacred and Profane: Don Paterson’s poetry and prose
Magic Realism in the UK
Oxford Fantasists: Carroll, Lewis, Tolkien, Pullman and others
Animal and Child: species entanglement in children’s animal fiction
Introduction to Anglo-American Literature, from 1750 to the present

Katabasis: the Descent to Hell from Virgil and Dante to the present
Heaney in the Underworld: Aeneid Book VI and Human Chain
John Milton’s Paradise Lost
Romantic Poetry and Music; Wordsworth, Schumann and others
Eco-poetics : Literature and the natural environment
Conversations with the Natural World: Poetry and Prose of Kathleen Jamie
Earth, Water, Fire, Air: The Elements in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney
Fantasy Before Tolkien: Morris, Dunsany, Buchan, Lindsay
Fictions of Memory and Forgetting: Ishiguro, McEwan, Sebald
Critical Approaches: Mikhail Bakhtin’s Dialogism; Ecocriticism
Research Methodologies: training for writing a thesis in English


University of Provence: Lecturing Fellowship, Centre for Anglophone Studies, Aix-en-Provence (24 May- 25 June, 2007).

Lodz University: Invited Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, Lodz, Poland (5-20 March, 1995).

The Charles University: Visiting Lecturer in English Literature, Department of English and American Literature, Prague (full-time, Aug1990 – July 1992).

University of Geneva: ‘George Herbert and the Impossibility of Poetry’, guest seminar leader, Renaissance Literature Doctoral Workshop, Spring 2010.

University of Neuchatel: ‘What it Means to be Human: the writings of Primo Levi’ (MA) guest seminar leader, Spring 2010.

University of Neuchatel, Modern British Literature from 1785 to the present (BA), Lecture Series, Autumn 2013.

University of Geneva, ‘The Poetics of Listening: Jean-Luc Nancy’s A l’écoute and Seamus Heaney’s District and Circle‘, guest seminar leader, Modern Literature Doctoral Workshop, Autumn 2014.