(current and recent)

Introduction to Anglo-American Literature, from 1750 to the present
Wordsworth and the Idea of Nature
The Poetry and Letters of John Keats
Poetry Post-1945
Bird Poetry from Chaucer to the present
Human/Nature: Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, Kathleen Jamie
Sacred and Profane: Don Paterson’s poetry and prose
Magic Realism in the UK
Oxford Fantasists: Carroll, Lewis, Tolkien, Pullman and others
Animal and Child: species entanglement in children’s animal fiction

Milton’s Paradise Lost
Romantic Poetry and Music; Wordsworth, Schumann and others
Conversations with the Natural World: Poetry and Prose of Kathleen Jamie
Transatlantic Poets: Stevie Smith and Elizabeth Bishop
Earth, Water, Air: The Poetry of Seamus Heaney
Fantasy Before Tolkien: Morris, Dunsany, Buchan, Lindsay
Eco-poetics : Literature and the natural environment
Katabasis: the Descent to Hell from Virgil and Dante to the present
Fictions of Memory and Forgetting: Ishiguro, McEwan, Sebald
Heaney in the Underworld: Aeneid Six and Human Chain
Critical Approaches: Mikhail Bakhtin’s Dialogism; Ecocriticism
Research Methodologies: training for writing a thesis in English