I love the cello and play with various amateur chamber groups, and orchestras when time allows. I have a cello in two ports: in Oxford, a 19C French cello inherited from my great-grandfather, who founded the Dumfries Municipal Orchestra in the 1930s, and in Lausanne, a modern cello made for me by M. Hans-Martin Bader, farmer and master luthier, of Premier sur Romainmôtier, pictured below. The art of instrument making fascinates me as well, and in 2018, a Parisian archetier recognised as ‘Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, M. Edwin Clément made me a beautiful bow.

CelloSmall BaderSmall nouveau violoncelle!

I also enjoy hiking, bird-watching and sketching. Behind me, in the photo below, you can see the Matterhorn in the distance (farthest peak to the right), more than 4000m high. And the other photo is of a Lammergeier, or Gypaetus barbatus, photographed by Roelof Overmeer, on an English Dept alpine walk. This enormous vulture has a wingspan of up to 9 feet.