PhD supervision

Ongoing supervisions

Méliné Zinguignan, (Adviser). (Defense in 2020) « Teachers training and traineeship evaluation  »

Tatiana Pacheco, (Adviser). (Defense in 2020) « Inequalities of access to Higher Education in Brazil and Affirmative action policies ».

Emmanuelle Chassagne, (Adviser). « Geographical and social mobilities of international trade’ students in France ».

Florinda Sauli, IFFP – University of Lausanne (Adviser).  « Defining the quality of vocational training : between field players and policy makers »


Completed PhD supervised

Guillaume Ruiz, University of Lausanne (Adviser), 2018. « Temporalities of teenagers and vocational training initial socialisation » UNIL Price for the best PhD in social sciences. Placement: Ministry of professional education, Vaud.

Orlan Moret, University of Lausanne (Co-adviser), 2017. « Swiss hockey players’ careers and beyond in a context of professionalization » UNIL Price for the best PhD in social sciences. Placement: University of Lausanne.


PhD Jury

Michaela Martin, University of Paris, 2019. « Internal quality assurance in Higher Education: global isomorphism or product of national regulation? » Works at UNESCO.

Francesco Galetta, University of Lausanne, 2016. « Between teaching religion and history of religion: logics in tension in the Canton of Tessin ». Placement: Instituto Universitario Federale per la Formazional Professionale. Switzerland.

Serge Ramel, University of Lausanne, 2015. « Teachers representation of school integration ». Placement: Higher school for teacher training Lausanne.

Rakhmat Hidayat, University Lyon 2, 2013. « Higher Education policy in Indonesia after the new order: autonomy and responsibility of public university ». Placement: Bandung Institut of Technology. Indonesia.

Abbey Mathekga, University of Pretoria, South Africa. 2013. « Towards widening access to under-represented groups in the biological sciences: a case study of the university of Pretoria ». Placement: University of Pretoria.

Lukas Baschung, Université de Lausanne, 2010. « Doctoral Education’s Reform in Switzerland and Norway: A Public Management Analysis » . Placement: Higher School of Management, Neuchâtel.