Diversity, gender, religion: contemporary theories and fieldwork in migration and diversity studies

Taught during the winter semester 2014, this course-seminar offers an introduction to the theories and fieldworks in social sciences of migrations and in the study of diversity. The themes approaches include religious practices and gender issues in the migratory context.

The class intends to initiate students into main concepts and methods of social sciences of migration and of the study of diversity by paying particular attention to questions linked to religions and gender.

Transnationalisation of cultural and religious practices through arts and music: theories and research methods of globalized events and virtual communities

Taught during the summer semester 2015, this course-seminar enables advanced students to expand their knowledge on theories and concepts of the social sciences of migrations focussing on cultural and religious transnationalization through arts and music. The interaction between events in the globalized public space and the organization/reception in the virtual communitarian space (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) will also be observed.

This class seeks to elaborate sociological and anthropological concepts concerning the processes of communitization and the event with the objectif to implement them in field studies while particularly investigating religious alterities that are situated in a global and local context.