Research and Data

Almost all my research is based on primary data, designed by me and my collaborators, and collected in the context of large-scale, general population social surveys based on probability-based samples. I am an expert in survey design and the design of multifactorial experiments embedded in surveys, and have conducted numerous methodological studies testing effects of alternative design features, question wording and other interventions on different behavioural and attitudinal outcomes.

Although I specialise in surveys and experiments, my research projects often use mixed methods, combining quantitative data and analysis with qualitative approaches (e.g., focus groups, cognitive interviews, usability testing, consultations, systematic review, media analysis), and with computational methods for analysing text and visual data.

Since 2009, I have regularly collaborated with colleagues at FORS, the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences, on the design, implementation and analysis of survey experiments linked to their surveys, including the Swiss Election Studies (Selects), the European Social Survey, the Swiss Household Panel, ISSP-MOSAiCH, and the European Values Study. From 20I have also contributed to the design of surveys and methodological research carried out by the NCCR LIVES.

Prior to working at the University of Lausanne, I worked at Institute for Research in the Social Sciences at Stanford University as part of the coordinating team of the 2008 American National Election Studies (ANES) Time Series study and the 2008-2009 ANES Online Panel Survey. From 2004-2008, as a member of the Central Scientific Team (CST) of the European Social Survey at the ESS HQ at City University, London, I directed the methodological research programme on mixed mode data collection, designing and conducting a number of experiments that have informed decisions about future ESS data collection methodology.

As well as being used in my own publications, data from all these studies are/have been used extensively by other researchers, forming the basis of publications, and PhD and MA theses.

For information on data access, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Research Projects

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