Sustainable finance, Financial econometrics, Asset management, Risk management, Modelling of asset prices, Macro-finance models, Pension funds, Asset-Liability management

Recent Working Papers

The Impact of Green Investors on Stock Prices (with G. Chen, B. Mojon and Dimitri Vayanos) (2023) BIS Working Papers No. 1127

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Textual Analysis of Banks’ Pillar 3 Documents (with M. Dong and M. Rockinger) (2019)

Strategic Interaction between Hedge Funds and Prime Brokers (with N. Gerasimova) (2018) Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper No. 18-54

Recent Publications

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Financial Modeling Under Non-Gaussian Distributions

Joinlty written with Ser-Huang Poon and Michael Rockinger
(Springer Finance)

About this Book

Practitioners and researchers who have handled financial market data know that asset returns do not behave according to the bell-shaped curve, associated with the Gaussian or normal distribution. Indeed, the use of Gaussian models when the asset return distributions are not normal could lead to a wrong choice of portfolio, the underestimation of extreme losses or mispriced derivative products. Consequently, non-Gaussian models and models based on processes with jumps, are gaining popularity among financial market practitioners.

Non-Gaussian distributions are the key theme of this book which addresses the causes and consequences of non-normality and time dependency in both asset returns and option prices. One of the main aims is to bridge the gap between the theoretical developments and the practical implementations of what many users and researchers perceive as « sophisticated » models or black boxes. The book is written for non-mathematicians who want to model financial market prices so the emphasis throughout is on practice. There are abundant empirical illustrations of the models and techniques described, many of which could be equally applied to other financial time series, such as exchange and interest rates.