I am happy to give interviews or comment on current affairs regarding Swiss politics, federalism, regionalism or local governments. English, German, French or Italian are all fine.

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Here’s a list of past media appearances:

27 December 2021

RTS “Forum”, political talkshow [French]

29 March 2021

Radio and TV interviews for RSI, SRF4 and TeleBärn on the Moutier referendum [Italian and German]

30 September 2020

RTS, radio interview on rebel cities [French]

22 September 2020, online interview on the Swiss parliament [German]

19 February 2020

TeleTicino, TV talkshow on democracy by sortition [Italian]

12 February 2020

RSI, radio talk on Swiss party presidents [Italian]

19 January 2020

SRF Ostschweiz, radio interview on cantonal elections in SG & TG [German]

6 January 2020

Cooperazione, print interview on Canton Ticino [Italian]

3 October 2019

Swissinfo, print interview on the Swiss parliamentary elections [French + 7 other languages]

17 January 2019

RSI, radio talk on the “Affaire Maudet” [Italian]

RSI Online, interactive video interview on left-wing cities [Italian]

6 November 2018

RSI, radio talk on the Moutier question [Italian]

Radio talkshow on RSI regarding the resignation of Doris Leuthard [Italian] here.

Short TV comment on SRF regarding cantonal initiatives [German] here.

10 September 2018

TV and radio interviews in TeleBärn und SRF-Radio [German]

7 September 2018

Swissinfo, video explainer on “What is Federalism?” [German + 9 other languages]

18 October 2017

SRF2 Kultur “Kontext, Gespräch zu Sezessionen in Europa. Audio [German] here

Guest at RSI2’s show “60 minute” to discuss the succession of Burkhalter. Video [inItalian] here

Invited at TeleBielingue to discuss the historic vote in Moutier. Video [German+French] here

Book presentation in Bellinzona/TI; echo at RSI-TV, RSI-Radio, Giornale del Popolo, and [Italian] “5 Gründe für das Burka-Nein an der Landsgemeinde Glarus” [German]

SRF Regionaljournal Bern-Fribourg-Wallis: “Mehr Rechte für den Berner Jura” [text in German, talk in Swiss-German].

TALK at TeleBielingue: “La question jurassienne : un an après le vote du novembre 2013” [French].