2022–University of Lausanne:

  • BA seminar “Fédéralisme Comparatif” (4h/week, in French)
  • BA seminar “Politique Suisse: Acteurs et Institutions” (4h/week, in French)

2022–24, University of Bern (Lehrauftrag):

  • MA seminar on “Territoriale Politik in der Schweiz” (2h/week, in German)
  • BA Vorlesung “Das politische System der Schweiz 2” (2h/week, in German)

2016–2017 & 2020–21University of Lausanne (suppléance):

  • BA class “Politique Suisse et Comparée” (4h/week, in French)

2019–2021, University of Lucerne (Lehrauftrag):

  • BA Seminar “Einführung in die Schweizer Politik” (2h/week, in German)

2013–2019University of Bern:

  • BA class “Einführung in die Schweizer Politik I”, replacing Prof. Adrian Vatter (autumn 2019, 2/week, in German)
  • BA seminar “Introduction to Swiss Politics” (autumn 2013–18, 2h/week, in English)
  • “Territory and Power in Switzerland” (spring 2014 & 2015, 2h/week, in English)


In Spring 2012, I lectured and held seminars for the 2nd year BA course on

My teaching duties at the University of Kent (Sept 2009 – Dec 2011) involved moderating seminars, student support and essay marking for

  • “Modern Classics of Comparative Politics”, convened by Dr Edward Morgan-Jones, and
  • “Politics of the Middle East”, convened by Dr Ersun Kurtulus,

both at undergraduate/BA level. Also, I occasionally taught on the


While in Tbilisi, Georgia (Spring 2009), I taught the following courses during spring term 2009:

  • “Introduction to Political Science”, MA class at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), School of Government,
  • “Comparative Constitutional Law”, MA class (in German) at Tbilisi State University (TSU), Faculty of Law,
  • “Academic Writing”, MA class at Tbilisi State University, Institute of European Studies (IES), and
  • “Europe of Differences: EU vs. Germany and the UK”, MA class at the Ilia Chavchavadze State University (Ilia State), Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences.