Federal Political Culture

In fall 2020, we began a research project on culture, federalism and politics – or “federal political culture”, for short. We cover the following countries: Switzerland, Belgium, France, Canada, the US and Australia. We thank all the people who participated in our online survey in winter 2020/21. 4 papers are currently being worked on.

Project leaders:

Prof. Sean Mueller, IEP Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Pirmin Bundi, IDHEAP Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

Team members:

Prof. Antoine Bilodeau, Université Concordia à Montréal, Canada

Prof. AJ Brown, Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Paolo Dardanelli, University of Kent, UK

Dr. Jacob Deem, Central Queensland University, Australia

Prof. John Kincaid, Lafayette College, USA

Prof. André Lecours, University of Ottawa, Canada

Prof. Oscar Mazzoleni, OVPR University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Christoph Niessen, Université Catholique de Louvain & Université de Namur, Belgium

Prof. Min Reuchamps, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Prof. François Rocher, University of Ottawa, Canada