MA Supervision

Students who are interested in any aspect of American culture or literature, especially from the late 18th century to the present, or who want to work on feminism, gender or queer studies in relation to American texts or films, or who wish to write on American cinema, are encouraged to submit proposals for MA theses.

I also welcome students interested in genres such as the fantastic, the gothic/horror, melodrama, adventure or science fiction and students with an interest in cultural studies issues such as race, class, politics, or the postcolonial. Mémoires with a special focus on critical theory are also invited, as well as eco-criticism, neo-Marxism, and gender studies. Finally, students wishing to write about African American or Native American literature and culture are welcome.

Basic Guidelines for Mémoires

Your mémoire should be 60-80 pages long, and should focus on approximatively 3 main texts (max), and examine these texts in light of a particular approach or argument or issue. Following the Research Methodology course in Spring is strongly recommended. However, there is no single formula for how to write a master’s thesis — each one is original and unique and a reflection of your own interests and academic experience. It is possible to write a mémoire on a single text, if it is very long or very dense, and it is possible to write on more than 3, but you want to be sure you allow yourself time and space to do in-depth analysis and not just a rushed survey. The best thing is to come talk to me once you have some first ideas!