Recent Lectures and Conference Presentations

2023    “Envisioning the Ecological Future,” Invited Talk at the University of Lodz, Poland. 

2023 “The Ecological Emergency: Narrative and the Climate Crisis” (UNIL)

May 2022, “War as Adventure: Violence, Pleasure and Masculinity,” “War as Adventure: Pleasure, Violence and Masculinity,” International Conference: From Âventiure Novels to Adventure Games: Adventure Narratives in Popular Images and Texts, University of Munich, ONLINE

October 2021, “Teaching about Slavery,” Speaking about Race and Racism Lecture Series, UNIL

May 2021    “War, Anthropocene, Imagination,” “Militarized Anthropocene” Panel, EAAS Biennial Conference, Warsaw ONLINE

November 2019: “Smart Trees and Dead People: Apocalypse Nowadays,” Haunted Nature Conference, Würzburg, Germany

October 2019: Round Table on “Y a-t-il un primitivisme en littérature?” in the French Department, UNIL

September 2019: “LSD and the Psychedelic Revolution Against the Backdrop of War,” The Prolonged Death of the Hippie Conference, Basel

August 2019: “War Gothic,” Keynote Lecture at the International Gothic Association Biennial Conference, Lewis University, Chicago

April 2019: “American Countercultures of the 1960s.” Zelig, UNIL

Nov. 2017: “Progress, Utopia, and Apocalypse: The Overlapping Temporalities of the 19th Century,” Keynote at the 3rd Biennial Conference of the British Association of Nineteenth-Century Americanists, University of Exeter

June 2017: “Battlefield Gothic and War Horror,” Keynote Lecture, Contemporary Gothic: Seventh Annual Postgraduate Conference, Lancaster University

May 2017: “War, Affect, Genre,” Guest lecture in Research Colloquium, J.F.Kennedy Institute, Free University, Berlin

March 2017: Keynote Lecture, European Association for American Studies Women’s Network: “The American Woman Warrior: A Transnational Feminist Look at War, Imperialism and Gender”

March 2017: “War, Adventure and the Pleasure of Killing,” Narrative Conference, Lexington, Kentucky

See short interview on American Imperialism and the adventure genre:

Nov. 2015:    “Transatlantic Gothic.” Invited lecture at the University of Bern.

March 19, 2015: “From Iwo Jima to Iraq: Approaching Combat Death Through Genre in American War Narratives” (American Studies Center, Warsaw University)

Nov. 28: “Lincoln et la guerre”
Guest Lecture at the Insititut des Amériques — Université Nice Sophia Antipolis