Upcoming Lectures

May 9: Rik Palieri, American folk musician, will give a talk at UNIL in Anthropole 2097 at 13:15.

Oct. 5th: Guest lecture by Prof. Richard Kopley (Pennsylvania State University), “My Life with Poe”

Renowned Poe scholar Professor Richard Kopley will speak of his lifelong research on Poe, focusing on The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, and “Rue Morgue” and “Marie Roget” and “Purloined Letter.”


Previous lectures

April 21, 2015

Gay Shame

April 22

Queer Communication

March 24, 10-12 : Matilde Martin (Universidad de la Laguna, Tenerife), “Asian American Literature”

Asian-American Literature6

April 22, 13-15: Tomasz Basiuk (American Studies Center, University of Warsaw), “Shame in Gay Life Writing

May 7: William Kaufman (University of Central Lancaster), “The Long Road to Peekskill,” Concert and lecture about Woody Guthrie and Civil Rights


Will Kaufman, Talk & Concert [4]
RECENT LECTURES in the English Department
Workshop on Postfeminism – Spring 2014 (Université de Lausanne)

March 20: Angela McRobbie: What is at stake in the feminist politics of affect?”



March 21: Rosalind Gill: Postfeminism, Power and Intimacy”

Dr Rosalind Gill


November 13, Judith Butler: “Is Gender Untranslatable?” (Anthropole 2024, 17:00)



Nov. 22: Maisha Wester, “Beloved and the African American Gothic” (Anthropole 2013), 3:15 p.m.

Maisha Wester, Poster [2]


December 13: Teresa Goddu, “Slave Narratives and the American Gothic” (Anthropole 5081, 13:15-15:00)